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Water … it’s your lifeblood


Water is critical for our survival and well-being.  Next to oxygen, it is the most essential element for the human body.  Water is necessary for all metabolic processes in the body.  Water carries oxygen and nutrients to all cells, converts food into energy, removes harmful toxins, regulates body temperature and protects joints and organs.

A large portion of the American population suffers from dehydration without even knowing it.  A lack of water can hinder every physiological process in the body.  Dehydration can cause blood pressure to drop and formation of blood clots.  Dry skin, headaches, impairment of liver and kidney function, daytime fatigue, fuzzy short-term memory and slow-down of metabolism can occur from a lack of water. Water has no fat, caffeine or cholesterol…it is the ultimate health drink.

At EcoWater of Atlanta, we want to partner with you to solve the water issues in your home or business. We offer a FREE water test which is the first step to improving your health. You can trust that we truly care about the purity of the water that you drink, bath in and cook with.


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