Your Water. Perfected.

EcoWater of DeKalb, the Clear Solution since 1942

For nearly 7 decades, we’ve been providing Northern Illinois with unequalled, state-of-the-art water treatment solutions for the removal of Arsenic, Iron, Rust, Acidity, Bad pH, Hydrogen Sulfide, Bacteria and Hard Water.

Beyond Whole House Water Refiners, Reverse Osmosis, Water Softener systems or carbon filtration, EcoWater Systems is a full service water specialist, offering a host of complementary products and services including Nicolet Bottled Water, softener salt, pool and spa chemicals, propane tank exchange as well as commercial distilled and dionized water systems.

Whether you have rust colored water and stains, bad taste and odor, hard water scale build-up or just need water treatment supplies, our certified water specialists are not only trained to identify, and equipped to solve virtually any municipal and well water problem, but are there to answer all your questions.


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