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The benefits of soft water are many. Not only does it leave your hair and skin feeling smoother and cleaner, but it will also dramatically improve the life of your plumbing system.

Hard water is characterized by the presence of minerals. When heated, hard water leaves deposits of these substances which eventually clog or reduce the performance of your appliances. From dishwashers and water heaters, to washing machines, kettles, and coffee makers, the resulting mineral deposits reduce performance and appliance life. And that ice maker in your freezer will also last longer and produce cleaner, better tasting ice as a result of a water softener. And that annoying rust coloured ring in toilets that’s almost impossible to clean? A water softener helps with that as well!

Hard water also leaves behind a mineral residue when it dries, leaving your glassware spotty and your clothes dull and less vibrant. Whites are not as white, and colours look faded. You’ll love how a water softener will leave your clothes looking better and lasting longer.

The term “hard water“ is derived by the mineral content of your water. People who have wisely invested in a water softener, find they use less soaps and detergents as the excess minerals are removed in the softening process. They enjoy longer appliance life, more efficiency and all the other benefits soft water provides!

Even if you’re on town or city water, you will notice a huge difference in the quality of your water with the installation of a municipal series water conditioner!


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