Well Water Solutions by Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation


Unfortunately, many residents in Martin, Saint Lucie, Indian River, and Palm Beach Counties do not have access to City Water and must utilize the distasteful well water.  The one perk of well water is that you never have to pay a water bill, but the drawbacks can make the compromise less appealing.  Though some wells produce water that is worse than other wells, Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation/Ecowater Systems can help with our well water services like:

  • Well Drilling
  • Salt Deliveries
  • Well Water Softeners

Some of the biggest issues of well water include:


  • AESTHETIC SUBSTANCES– Mostly harmless contaminants such as chlorine, sulphur, iron and manganese that cause taste, color, staining and odor problems.
  • SEDIMENT– Solid particles that settle out over a period of time.
  • HARDNESS– A common water quality problem caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium (limestone) in water. Hard water causes scaling of pipes and hot water heaters, plumbing fixtures, etc. It makes cleaning and laundering more difficult.
  • COLOR– Yellow or brown colors by the leaching of decaying vegetative matter found in soil.
  • TASTE AND ODORS– Musty, earthy or woody taste and odors found in groundwater.
  • SULPHUR– A naturally occurring objectionable substance which contributes a “rotten egg” like odor to drinking water and is also known to be very corrosive to plumbing products and materials.
  • ACIDITY AND ALKALINITY– Acidity and alkalinity is commonly measured as pH. Neutral pH is 7.0, while an acid pH is below 7.0 and an alkaline pH is above 7.0. Extreme ranges in pH may cause water to be corrosive, unpalatable and objectionable.
  • TURBIDITY– Turbidity is suspended matter (particles) found in water that gives a cloudy or opaque appearance. Sand, silt, clay, colloidal and related material contribute to turbidity. Heavy turbidity levels are also used as an indicator of possible sewage contamination.
  • TRIHALOMETHANES (THMs)– THMs are the first organic chemicals regulated by the SDWA. THMs are a byproduct of the chlorine disinfection process. THMs are formed when chlorine reacts with other organic compounds in water. THMs are known carcinogens and have been linked to bladder cancer.
  • MICROBIOLOGICAL PATHOGENS– Waterborne organisms that are known to cause disease in humans. Common waterborne pathogens include fecal coliform, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and microbial cysts such as Crytosporidium and Giardia Lamblia.
  • RADIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES– Radium and its related cousins may be found in groundwater supplies. They are known cancer causing substances in humans. Radium exposure is through drinking and cooking while radon exposure is normally through inhalation. They are both regulated by the SDWA.
  • CHLORIDES– Saltwater intrusion into wells can cause an increase in chlorides. The water will have a salty taste and is corrosive to pipes and plumbing fixtures. High levels can lead to hypertension. SDWA safe level is below 250 ppm.

These substances may not necessarily be in your water but you should have your water tested by a qualified laboratory to be sure.  Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation/EcoWater Systems has been servicing the Treasure Coast area from Palm Beach to Sebastian for 35 years, and dealing with well water issues has always been our strong suit.  Our premium salt products, water softening systems and well drilling services are a direct result of providing the complete package of solutions when it comes to well water.  Your water doesn’t have to be your worst enemy, Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation/EcoWater Systems are the water specialists that can make well water better than ever.  This doesn’t mean you will have to pay a monthly water usage bill, but make a small investment to have Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation/EcoWater Systems maintain, purify and control your well water system to get the best possible results for daily use.

Call us to find out about our affordable Salt Deliveries, a service that includes checking your well water filters to ensure that the filter is in good shape for water use and much more.  772-692-1037.



South Florida home owners know that proper lawn and plant bed irrigation is one of the most important aspects in maintaining a lush green lawn and a colorful welcoming garden. Broken sprinkler heads or problems with sprinklers can cause a great deal of damage to your property by eroding soil,  flooding your lawn and not providing the adequate amount of irrigation, all of which can thwart the growth of lawn and plants. In too many cases, homeowners are faced with expensive lawn and plant replacement due to inadequate or faulty irrigation systems.

Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation offers a variety of services for all of your irrigation needs from irrigation system installation, irrigation system repair to general monthly maintenance of your sprinkler systems.

Whether looking for irrigation system “tune up” or, a complete installation, our experienced staff works with you to take care of all of your irrigation and sprinkler needs. We insure that your system works effectively and that you are getting adequate irrigation supply and equal lawn and plant bed watering coverage throughout your yard.

Maybe you’re just looking to replace a few sprinkler heads? We can help with that too. Proper placement of sprinkler heads and using the right products can also help to eliminate the orangey stains often caused by a high concentration of iron found in most well fed irrigation systems, saving both time and money and keeping your driveway and walkways looking clean and well maintained.

Warmer days will be here before you know it, why not take the time now to insure that those bulbs or annuals you planted, and the lawn that has weathered yet another winter get the adequate amount of irrigation to keep them strong and vibrant throughout the coming season.

Don’t procrastinate…….IRRIGATE!  Call Peter’s Water Treatment & Irrigation today!


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